reading nookI’m often torn between reading and writing. I need to read in order to be a good writer. I need to read books in my genre, to read what’s hot in the market to better understand trends and to read books about craft so I can always keep learning. But while I’m doing all that reading, I’m not writing.
So, every now and then, I give myself permission to put my work in progress, my editing, my poetry aside and just enjoy some good books. I’ve had a chance to do a bit of that this week and it’s heavenly. A cup of tea, a big chair, a good book. Ahhhh.
The photo above is of my favorite reading nook. You’ll note the lamp perfect for angling over open pages, a throw for cool evenings, windows for occasionally looking up to notice the world and that gorgeous book table that’s a gift from my antique-selling father. Oh, and a coaster for my mug of tea. Perfection.
Q4U- What’s your perfect reading spot?