It would seem that once you get a book published, people will want to hear you TALK about writing. I’m not sure I’m what you’d call an expert about writing just yet, but I sure can talk. And unlike some of my more introverted writer friends, I like to talk. My husband will attest to it.

Riverwalk in Conway

A moment of peaceful contemplation pre-talk in Conway, SC.

So last Saturday I had my first talking gig. I spoke to some up and coming writers at a workshop hosted by the Friends of the Library in Conway, SC. Which happens to be the town where I went to college, where I met my husband, and where I have family living. NOT a hardship to travel back there.
It was a hoot. I had 30 minutes and could have taken up much more. Not that anyone would have wanted that, but I could have. My instructions were pretty simple–talk about your journey to publication. I hit the highlights, tried to focus on the bits that would be useful to people who want to be published, and then asked for questions. And we had a lovely chat, me and that room of people.
I’ll be speaking again at Connemara–the Carl Sandburg National Historic Site–at the end of May. And once again when I have my book launch in August. Hopefully, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. But the upshot is–I need some topics. My journey to publication is fine, but I plan to have a menu of subjects to delight and entertain audiences.
But what? I thought it might be nice to give a talk about the Ministry of Food. In Miracle in a Dry Season the characters work together to feed the town during a drought. And by feeding them, demonstrate love, compassion, and forgiveness. We live in a world with way too many people who need to be fed–that’s a topic I can definitely warm up to with no shortage of Biblical examples.
But what else? I’m asking YOU. If you came to hear me speak, what would you want to hear? And how long would you like it to go on? Give me some pointers. I aim to please.