Whether you’re a reader, a writer or both, there are bound to be authors who inspire you–writers you can always turn to knowing you’re going to get a good read. Here are some of my favorites:
Francine Rivers – This woman has such range! There are epic series like “The Mark of the Lion,” sweet contemporary stories like “Leota’s Garden,” and Biblical retellings like “Unveiled.” I love that I can read such variety knowing it’s all going to be good. www.FrancineRivers.com
Jan Karon – I always find Jan Karon’s books to be so comforting. She writes lovely stories with good messages that are like easing into a hot bubble bath at the end of a long day. Ahhhhh. www.mitfordbooks.com
C.S. Lewis – Oh how I wish I could have met this man. I think he’s the single, greatest Christian thinker I’ve ever had the privilege to read. From “Mere Christianity” to the Narnia series to his foray into science fiction with his Space Trilogy the man was a genius blessed with an immeasurable talent.
Jane Austen – I’ve read her novels again and again and find them forever witty, sharp and delicious. And I have no illusions of ever writing anything even remotely like “Pride & Prejudice,” so I can just savor her books without wondering if I could write that well. I can’t. (And if I could it probably wouldn’t sell in today’s market.)
Q4U- Who are your favorite authors? Why do you love their work?