GiftI’m one of those annoying people who thinks she’s supposed to be good at just about everything. Okay, not music, but otherwise I should be able to figure it out. Which means when I’m NOT good at something I tend to think I’d better learn it.
I recently took a spiritual gifts test and the gift of exhortation came out on top. Exhortation–an utterance, discourse, or address conveying urgent advice or recommendations. So basically talking and telling people what to do. Oh yeah, I can handle that.
But there was also a whole raft of stuff I didn’t rate so highly in–evangelism, prophecy, discernment to name a few. Now those are going to take some work. So I’d better get cracking–right?
Well, maybe not. In Sunday School yesterday we talked about how we should each use our spiritual gifts to benefit the church. And how, because we have different gifts, we can all fit together to accomplish so much more than we ever would alone.
Which means that maybe it’s okay if I stink at discernment. I’m not off the hook, but maybe there’s someone else in the church who can lead that charge. I can focus on facilitating my Sunday School class while my husband–who is way more discerning than I am–can serve on session and help steer the church in the right direction.
Maybe when my book comes out I can–are you ready for this?–call on other people to help where I struggle. I have a friend who’s an organizational master (and she makes cupcakes). What if she helped organize the book launch event? I have another friend who’s gift is hospitality–she could greet guests and make sure everyone feels welcome. And yet another friend would do an amazing job running the book table.
I don’t have to do it all. And apparently, God didn’t design me to even be able to do it all. Apparently, he designed me to need other people.
Now there’s a gift.