Yellow dress

Bess wears this dress at one point in the novel.

So now that I’m starting to think someone in the wide world out there might actually read my novel one of these days, it’s occurred to me that I need to change the female lead’s name. Currently, her name is Bess. I chose that in honor of my Aunt Bess who is quite possibly my favorite person ever.
HOWEVER, novel Bess is the mother of an illegitimate child in 1950s West Virginia. And while Aunt Bess up in heaven probably doesn’t mind a bit, her daughters and grandchildren might not think this is a compliment. So, name change.
Allow me to sum up the process of selecting a new name.

  1. Think of name I like.
  2. Try first name with last name. Yuck.
  3. Think of another name that goes with the last name.
  4. Compare name to other characters and realize it sounds way too much like someone else’s name.
  5. Think of a third name that goes with the last name and doesn’t sound too much like anyone else.
  6. Realize that character is a grandmother in the sequel and name does NOT work with “Grandma” in front of it.
  7. Lose all perspective and be grateful that I never had to name an actual, real person.
  8. Put up a poll on my blog with several names that I could live with and let YOU choose among them while secretly hoping someone will respond with the perfect name that I haven’t thought of yet.

So here are some possibilities that I’m thinking meet all my criteria. Please let me know which one you like in the comments section below. Oh, and feel free to suggest something that’s not on the list. The character is a petite blonde, born in WV in the 1930’s with the last name Long. I’m hoping for a name that sounds Appalachian. Thanks!

  1. Iona
  2. Mayfair
  3. Perla
  4. Edina
  5. Adair