At the writer’s conference I attended someone asked me what name I want to write under. As you can see from the title of this blog, I’m attached to all my names. I’ve also published my poetry under all four names. BUT I understand that it’s problematic in the publishing world to have too many names. Where will readers look on the shelf? Under L? Or under T? Should they call me Sarah? Or Sarah Anne?
Okay, it’s cool that my initials spell SALT, but it’s not worth confusing readers. So. What name do I want to write under? Sarah Thomas? Sarah Anne Thomas? Sarah Loudin¬†Thomas? Sarah Loudin? Choices, choices. This is the first time I’ve had a chance to choose. My parents decided what to call me when I was born. I’m pretty sure God picked out my husband. Now I get to make the call. Hey, I could even write under a pseudonym and make up something entirely new! Ann Shirley (Ann of Green Gables) wished she were named Cordelia. But somehow, I’ve never really wished for a different name.
And here’s the really good news. There doesn’t seem to be a writer with any of those names. I found one editor of an anthology named Sarah Thomas, but that’s it. Apparently, in the literary world, my name has gone unused.
Which makes me think that most likely I’ll just stick with being my everyday self. Sarah Thomas.