We’ve talked about how much we love to read books. Romances, historical fiction, mysteries–books that make us laugh and cry and sometimes even think.
But what else do you look forward to reading?
I just love it when I open the mailbox and there’s a new Good Housekeeping or Wonderful West Virginia magazine in there. And I love to get my copy of Now & Then: The Applachian Magazine even when I haven’t written an article for it.
I like to read poetry to kick-start my creativity. I look forward to reading blogs about writing–particularly Rachelle Gardener’s and the Books & Such blog. I read church signs: “CH__CH, what’s missing? UR.” And I when I get my oil changed I read People magazine marveling at how I don’t know who these people are anymore.
I read letters when I’m fortunate enough to get them and I even read cereal boxes when I’m eating breakfast. Although I’m not much of a daily paper reader, I love settling in with the Sunday paper from comics to crossword. And ever now and then I sit down and read  really delicious cookbook from appetizer to decadent dessert.
So how about you? What else do you look forward to reading?