So here I am, waiting for someone to publish my book so it can reach lots of people and have an amazing impact on them and their Christian journey. I mean, that’s the point, right?
Then a friend called me. He’s an older gentleman who has some ongoing health problems, but in spite of that, he’s always just a delight to talk to and spend time with. We chatted a minute and then he abruptly asked me to pray for him. He’d gotten some bad news about his condition. There’s nothing the doctor’s can do and while it isn’t immediately life-threatening, it will have an impact on his quality of life.
He was home alone–his wife was out–and he was feeling down and a little discouraged. He said he called me because he knew I’d cheer him up. Well. I began trying to say wise, Godly things that would boost his spirits. Turns out I had little to say in the way of wise, Godly things. I gave up and we just talked. I think, based on the laughs we shared and the way he seemed to brighten, that I DID cheer him up.
Or rather, I let God cheer him up through me.
Maybe I’ll have a book published that will touch hearts and change lives. Maybe I won’t. But in the meantime, God can use me every day. What an incredible honor.