I LOVE to write. Stories, poems, journal entries, letters–even blog posts 😉

It’s how I process the world around me . . . my life with its joys and struggles. Words help me makes sense of things.

But sometimes I get stuck. Or in a rut. Or I just don’t feel like writing.

Which is why I like to dabble in other creative efforts. I took music lessons once upon a time. Proved to myself that while I could play an instrument, I did NOT have the natural talent I admire in others.

I’ve even tried cross-stitch, knitting, and crocheting.

And I used to love to draw–pencil sketches mostly with an occasional watercolor thrown in (mostly because I happened to have some paints!). So when I had a chance to participate in a one-day painting workshop with artist Nancy Bass, I jumped at it. Plus, we were supposed to paint our pets. Win, win! And I trusted if I couldn’t come up with a decent painting, Nancy would fix it for me!

So, here it is. Mostly done by me with some wise advice and a few swipes of the brush from Nancy. An oil portrait of my favorite puppy. And guess what? My creativity feels renewed!

What do you do to jump start your creativity!