Can you believe it? Just five months until my next novel releases. That seems both forever and practically tomorrow! As the days tick by, I thought it might be fun to share the opening of the story. Hopefully, it’ll whet your whistle for the whole thing!

While the story includes historical details about the Hawks Nest Tunnel Disaster that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of men during the Great Depression, the story centers around Sullivan (Sulley) Harris. A drifter and something of a con man, Sulley claims to be able to dowse water . . .

CHAPTER 1 – Kline, West Virginia
Late May 1932

Sulley tore a rag into strips and wrapped each coin before tucking it into the bib pocket of his overalls. Wouldn’t do to jingle as he made his way out of Kline after the sun went down. Was it his fault this place hadn’t had a good rain since Noah started rounding up all the animals two by two? It’d take a miracle to find water around here.

But he’d made the effort. Put on a good show. The second well they’d dug had even produced a little wet down in the bottom. But it was just a seep—not enough to matter. Still, his time and effort oughta be worth what he was tucking away with such care. Of course, not everyone would see it his way. Which was why he’d promised to give dowsing one more try in the morning.

Except he wouldn’t be here come morning. He’d written out instructions for them to dig a well near a snowball bush heavy with powder puff blooms. It was a long shot, but who knew? Maybe they would hit water and he’d be a hero.

A long-gone hero. He tucked the last coin away and settled back to wait for the moonless night to hide his leaving.

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