And so I have heard from the second editor. She really enjoyed meeting me, but my book isn’t right for her house. She wished me luck in placing it. Sigh. The second rejection surprised me by being easier than the first. I thought it would be harder. I also thought that it wouldn’t be a rejection. I’m an optimist and I hear research shows optimists live longer. Well, that’s good news.
So what now? I had an invitation from a third editor. But I didn’t actually pitch my book to her. I just had a VERY nice chat with her in the hallway as I was heading back to a session after a bathroom break. I heard her speak and thought she was fantastic. We talked a little and she said that she would be happy to read anything I’d like to send to her. I thought she was probably being nice, but now I will take her at her word.
But before I do I have a plan. There are some highly respected editors out there who will give me feedback on my first chpater or so for less than $100. Having had two rejections, I’m thinking this would be money well spent. I need to know if I pitched editors who weren’t good matches or if my work needs, well, work.
It’s hard to be rejected. But this is in God’s hands, right?  I think it is. I wrote a book about faith. It’d be a shame if I didn’t have a little.