It’s summer (well, officially next week) and that means time for all that great summer reading! Except I’m also working full-time. And I need to keep up with my writing. And then there’s home and church and the dog to walk . . .
The upshot is, my “to read” pile is getting crazy tall. Here’s a peek at what I’m itching to read this summer:

  • Washington’s Lady – Nancy Moser
  • Hearts Survive – Yvonne Lehman
  • Travelers Rest – Ann Tatlock
  • The Edge of Grace – Christa Allan
  • The Begotten – Lisa Bergren

But first, I’m eager to finish Glamorous Illusions by Lisa Bergren. It’s like having access to all the cupcakes, donuts and chocolate eclairs I can eat. Except I can only eat one at a time. And I get full. And I need to eat some fruit, too. Sigh.
I have to remember to savor the feast. I have to remember not to inhale the stories whole. And I have to remember to look up from the pages once in a while to appreciate the world (and my husband!) around me.
Here’s to summer!