Jo Baker

It’s rare that I hear about a book coming out and get really and truly excited. There are plenty of books I want to read–books I look forward to–books I make sure my mom knows I want. But it’s rare for me to think, I can’t wait!This weekend, however, I read about Longbourn by British author Jo Baker. It’s a retelling of Pride and Prejudice from the servants’ standpoint. Oh, yum! Of course, the fear any time someone attempts a riff on Jane Austen is that it will be, well, not good. But Baker has a solid reputation and several highly acclaimed novels under her belt.
My expectations are soaring! The book was sold at auction (every writer’s dream) and the film rights have already been snatched up. The only problem is, I can’t find a release date. Maybe this fall? Maybe? You know they have to get it out there on the heels of Downton Abbey.
The other thing I thought when I read about the novel was–how has this not been done?!? There are hundreds if not thousands of novels that have attempted to follow-up on Jane Austen’s genius. How did this idea get overlooked? And why didn’t I think of it?
Makes me wonder what other fabulous ideas I’m completely missing.