VOTEI have a confession. During this almost endless political season, when the pollsters call, I answer. I answer every poll I possibly can. And I lie. I change my ethnicity, my age, my sex. The only thing I tell true is my political preference. (And we won’t get into exactly what that is.)
Here’s why I lie. I can’t stand polls. I can’t stand that six months before the election, pollsters are already telling us who’s going to win. Even though the polls will likely change.
Two months ago, the election was a done deal and there were only a handful of undecided voters. Now it’s a toss-up which clearly means some group of voters either changed or made up their minds.
Who’s to say if the people answering the polls are even the ones who vote? I did vote and I voted the way I said I would regardless of how old, young, black, hispanic, male, female, liberal or conservative I was when I answered each poll.
Tomorrow is election day. Go vote if you haven’t already (I voted early). And next time there’s an election I invite you to join me in answering the polls. Come join me in messing with the pollsters. Honestly, it’s kind of fun.