StarsSometimes I think God does amazing things just to prove that HE’S doing them.
I’m an approval junkie. I love praise, pats on the back, and little gold stars on my homework. Which I think might be why God’s handling my publishing journey in a way that makes it supremely clear that He’s running the show.
Even as I write this post, my agent is finalizing a contract for the publication of Miracle in a Dry Season–probably in 2014.Β (I’ll share more details once the contract is signed.) Yes, that would be the agent I signed with in November. She’s teased my about not sharing my story because the road to publication is never this quick. And while it took me quite a while to get to this point, there’s supposed to be a great deal more waiting between steps.
Which lets me know I didn’t do this. God took the reins and did some fancy driving so I’d know for SURE it’s Him. And while I’m thrilled and excited and can’t wait to get to work on edits and see covers and start marketing and everything else that’s part of publishing–I’m mostly just sitting here in awe.
And I wish I could give God some gold stars. But he made the stars–you know, the real ones sparkling in the night sky–and all I have to give him is praise and thanksgiving. Glory be to God.