I’ve been working on wrapping up edits on my story for 2020 while brainstorming future stories. Which means I’ve been living inside my author head lately. And I thought maybe you’d get a kick out of taking a peek inside . . .

  1. When an author appears to be listening to you intently she’s probably really noting your eye color, hair color, and expressions for a future character.
  2. OR she might be noting any distinguishing characteristics (moles, birthmarks, tattoos) in case you were to be kidnapped or otherwise need to be identified. Well, not YOU, a character LIKE you.
  3. Quiet moments during dinners out probably mean the author is eavesdropping on the couple behind you to pick up some great dialogue.
  4. Although we really are interested in knowing more, all those in-depth questions about your job, that problem at work, or your favorite hobby MIGHT be related to research for a new book.
  5. When we agree to watch football it’s so we can read player’s jerseys for future character names. Wilson Lockett . . . hey, that’s pretty good!
  6. Staring into space is NOT daydreaming. We’re plotting. Plotting STORIES. Stop being so paranoid.
  7. When an author suddenly jumps to her feet while saying, “Oh my goodness, that’s PERFECT!” She’s just figured out how to kill off a character while totally making the reader think it was someone else.
  8. Don’t check our Google search history. It’ll make you uneasy.
  9. Dogs are our muses. Okay, maybe that’s mostly me, but I write better when my dog is in the room.
  10. And the last thing you need to know about what’s going on inside a writer’s head is that we’re often second-guessing ourselves. Wondering if the story’s any good. Hoping SOMEONE will read what we wrote. Praying what we meant to tell the world is communicated in a way that makes sense.

So if you like what a writer writes–tell her! Write a review. Send an email. Recommend the story. We’re all alone inside our heads here–give us a wave!