CameraIt’s time for a new headshot. I like the one I have–my hair is nice, I look pretty good. But it doesn’t have much in the way of personality. And it definitely doesn’t offer any hints at my brand.
There’s nothing that says Appalachia, or everyday miracles (never mind the miracle of hair cooperating), or nostalgia. So this weekend the plan is to try for something a little more . . . intentional.
Photographer Kristen of Phil + Kristen Photography has been volunteering at the children’s home (my day job) and her work is gorgeous. So I asked her to see what she can do with me.
The plan is to take photos outside, in the woods (Appalachia). And we’ll contrast me in nice clothes with the rusticity of the surroundings (everydayness). And we’re going for a sunshiny look (miracles). And we may work in some old books or other props (nostalgia).
Phew. Now all I have to do is get over feeling all self-conscious about this. It feels kind of weird to have a photo shoot. It might be alright if it were about getting a nice family photo to share with my parents. Or if it was somehow work-related (when I did PR work I sometimes filled in as a “model” on photo shoots).
But I’m a significant part of my brand. I’m the face that goes with the books I write. And this is part of the job. So here’s to embracing having my photo taken. And here’s to hoping I can put aside that ultra-critical part of my brain that likes to point out how squinchy my nose is when I smile.