I have a weakness for quizzes. Relationship quizzes in magazines. On-line IQ quizzes. Quizzes that tell me what character I would be in a Jane Austen novel. And yes, I kind of enjoyed taking the SAT in high school. Though not so much the GRE in college.
Here’s a very brief quiz from Staples, of all places, gauging your reading speed and level. Buzz through a couple of short paragraphs, then answer three questions. Once your speed is established, it will go on to tell you how long it would take you to read several classics if you went at it non-stop.
Reading more than 500 words per minute will put you ahead of most folks. But if you want to be the fastest, you’ll need to get up to 4,700 words per minute. That would be the world record. Egad.

ereader test
Source: Staples eReader Department