Yesterday afternoon Thistle was out in the front yard when she started barking. She rarely barks and there’s usually a good reason. We walked out on the front porch and looked. She was sitting, looking toward the road, apparently barking at nothing. I walked out to her and there, blocked from our view by a large tree, was a white paper bag on the side of the road.
Thistle was thrown for a loop by a paper bag that, as it turned out, was full of corn chips. I disposed of the bag and she went on about her business (eating bugs, grass, sticks and anything else she finds) peacefully.
And, of course, this got me thinking. Thistle is consistently upset by just about anything “new.” When we walked last week someone had put two worn out chairs at the side of the road for trash pick-up. Can you say, “freaked out puppy?”
I’m not always a big fan of change myself. New things. Different things. But guess what? If I continue to pursue this writing path and have success, things will change. My landscape will be different. My priorities will shift (you know, the ones that fall somewhere under God and family). Someone may toss a big ole paper bag full of new responsibilities, new tasks and new opportunities on the side of the road for me to pick up.
Thistle reminded me that when change comes I can either sit in the yard and bark or go deal with the new thing. Different can be scary. But like a mysterious paper bag on the side of the road, I think it’s easier to handle if you just walk right up to it and see what’s inside.
Q4U – How do you feel about new things?