One of the hard things about moving is leaving good friends behind. And while I’m making new friends in my new neighborhood, I’m fortunate to be able to keep up with friends back in Asheville as well.

Last week I had to run up the mountain for a doctor’s appointment and was able to grab lunch with two dear friends afterwards. What’s so special about these friends? Well, first we can sit down to lunch after a couple of month’s absence and pick up right where we left off. And second, they GET me.

One had just written me an actual letter on paper in ink tucked in an envelope with a stamp on it. Remember the excitement of getting REAL mail? Not email, not a text, not a form letter, but an actual chatty letter from a friend? Yeah. She gets me. The other brought me a surprise gift. As soon as she saw these sweet little pins, she knew they were mine (bloodroot and lady slipper!). She gets me, too.

And after all, isn’t that what we want in a friend? Someone who SEES you, HEARS you, and KNOWS you. And loves you anyway.

What’s something a friend has done for you lately that lets you know they truly get you?