Are you superstitious? I say that I’m not, but honestly. Shoot, sometimes I approach God with superstition. Something bad happen? It must be because I skipped my Bible reading. When something good has happened, I’ve worn the exact same outfit I had on at the time when I needed some luck in case that had anything to do with it. I generally avoid walking under ladders (um, safety hazard, right?) and although I have opened umbrellas indoors, I’ve always reassured people around me (and through them, myself) that it’s perfectly safe. And yes, I have thrown spilled salt over my left shoulder.
While it’s unclear exactly why 13 is supposed to be unlucky, Friday is an unlucky day thanks to Geoffrey Chaucer who deemed it so in The Canterbury Tales and because Christ was crucified on a Friday. You’d think that would make Sunday an incredibly lucky day.
I try to keep silly superstition at bay when it comes to my goal of getting published. No, an agent/editor isn’t going to decide to work with me because of luck or a twist of fate. I don’t think there is luck or fate. I think there’s God and his plan for me.
Although maybe I’ll wear my Aunt Bess’ broach the next time I attend a conference and have an agent appointment. I mean, it can’t hurt, right??
Q4U- So how do you let superstition sneak into your life?