My mom, who gave me a name that means “God’s princess” also sent me this tiara. I mean, I HAVE to wear it, right?

I’ve known what my name–Sarah–means forever–God’s Princess. And since a princess is what I always wanted to be (more for the clothes than anything else), I always really liked that.
Which got me thinking, when naming characters in novels, does it matter what the name means? I didn’t take meaning into account when I named my characters, but I’m wondering if it might not add a whole layer of interest as I write future novels.
I checked a few names from Miracle in a Dry Season, which are pretty well set at this point, to see if they fit the characters’ personalities.

  • Perla is Italian for little sphere. Which fits, since Perla is a very self-contained person.
  • Sadie–get this–is a diminutive of Sarah, so it means “princess,” too. Ha! How about that. She is a little princess.
  • Frank is short for Francis or Franklin which means “free one.” Now that’s a great fit for the character in question!
  • Elizabeth or Liza means “My God is bountiful,” a perfect description!
  • Evangeline means “good news” and her nickname, Angie, means angel. This one seems almost tongue in cheek for the character.
  • Casewell–poor guy–his name doesn’t come up. I got that name from a tombstone–just loved it and knew I wanted to use it.

So what do you think? What’s in a name and does it matter?
If you’re curious about your own name, click here to look up the meaning. And then share in the comments below. Does it fit?