I tend to write character-driven stories which often makes them a good fit for book clubs with plenty of opportunities to dig in and have good discussions. Which I LOVE! Over the last few months, I’ve visited several book clubs virtually. One of the good things to come out of so much of our lives going online during the pandemic has been the realization that we really can connect with folks who are far away.

So, I ordered up a Zoom subscription and am now delighted to Zoom in and chat with readers. Which is to say, if your group would like to connect with me–reach out! My email is sarah@sarahloudinthomas.com and there’s no honorarium required. Of course, I am a little sad that Zoom events don’t include book club snacks, but we can’t have it all!

And even if you don’t want me to Zoom in, here are some questions to get your book club discussion of The Finder of Forgotten Things underway.


  1. Were you familiar with water dowsing before reading the book? Not everyone believes dowsing really works—including Sulley. What do you put your faith in that can’t be proven?
  2. When Sulley finds water for the Fridleys and wins their praise, it makes him uncomfortable. Why do you think he was uneasy? Have you ever felt uncomfortable being praised? If so, why?
  3. Sulley finds a button that Luisa had completely forgotten about. Have you ever found something you’d forgotten? An old photo—a ticket stub—a child’s drawing—what sorts of emotions did that stir for you?
  4. Sulley has been a wanderer for a long time. Why do you think he’s drawn to the men who are suffering at Hawk’s Nest? Why would a man who tries hard to avoid honest work offer to help dig graves?
  5. Gainey lives a simple, quiet life. Why do you think she’s suddenly willing to give that up to help the men at Hawk’s Nest? What would you have done?
  6. Jeremiah could have gone back home, gotten married, and settled down to comfortable life. What do you think drew him to Gainey enough for him to upend his own life?
  7. Did Gainey’s confession that she’d had a child before getting married change your opinion of her? In what way?
  8. Jeremiah accidentally spills the beans about Gainey having an illegitimate child. Have you ever revealed a secret without meaning to? What were the repercussions?
  9. Why do you think Sulley felt compelled to stick around and try to mark those anonymous graves? Do you think it would really matter if those men were named?
  10. Had you ever heard about the Hawks Nest Tunnel Disaster? Why do you think tragedies like this one are so often forgotten? Why is it important for us to remember?