On Wednesday I wrote about The Me Project by Kathi Lipp. Part of that project is coming up with 50 goals that you record in a journal or notebook leaving room to track what, if anything, you do to work toward each goal. I LOVE this idea. Right now my primary goal is to become a Published Author. But it got me thinking about what other goals I have. I thought I’d share my top five (non-writing related) and encourage you to come up with at least five of your own.

  1. Lose 5 pounds.  I know–doesn’t sound like much. But I’m reaching that age when “stubborn belly fat” comes to have real meaning! It’s really a maintenance issue. And a not eating junk around the office issue.
  2. Spend more time with God. Real time. Quality time. Thoughtful, conscientious, fully-present time.
  3. Train Thistle to come when called. She’s pretty good if I clearly have a treat or a favorite toy. Terrible otherwise.
  4. Go to Ireland. This has been on my list for a loooong time. Biggest challenge is you have to cross an ocean to get there. Gulp.
  5. Find adorable “casual” clothes. My wardrobe is either dressy work clothes or slouching around the house hoping no one sees me clothes. Somehow the middle ground escapes me.

Q4U- So what are some of the goals you’d list out in your notebook?