PrayingI make it a point not to talk politics on my blog. I talk about books, family, faith, Appalachia, and a few other more or less related topics. But not politics. Especially these days.

And today I’m still not writing about politics–I’m writing about faith by way of politics.

In case you haven’t guessed, I’m a Christian conservative. And I have quite a few friends who are as well. But this election season . . . oh my, even those of us who agree on most things can’t agree on a presidential candidate.

The only thing we can agree on is that we don’t REALLY like ANY of the choices. So we go back on forth on which choice is least awful, bemoaning the fate of the country and what will happen to us.

Which reminds me of a scene in Matthew’s Gospel. Jesus had been preaching, teaching, and healing. He and some of his disciples got in a boat and Jesus took a nap. A storm came up sending waves crashing into the boat. Terrified, the disciples woke Jesus, begging him to save them before they drowned. And some of them were sailors!

That’s pretty much how I feel about walking into the voting booth come November. I want to cry out to Jesus to save the country before we go under. There seems no good choice and surely we’re about to be swamped.

Of course, if you’ve read Matthew you know Jesus gets up and quiets the storm. Ahhhh. But before he does he asks the strangest question–“Why are you so afraid?”

Imagine.You’re a sailor used to the vagaries of the sea and a storm comes up that’s SO terrible even you fear dying. Why are you afraid? Hello? About to drown here! Why would Jesus ask such a silly question?

But he precedes the question with these words, “You of little faith . . .” So. The fear follows a lack of faith. Didn’t they know God was in charge? Didn’t they know he was aware of the storm and the possibility of drowning and what would ultimately become of them all?

It seems to me that Christians should be the last people to sit around worrying about what might happen come election day. We should do what we’ve been told to do. Trust. Have faith. Rely on God (leaning not on our own understanding). Love each other (especially when we disagree). And follow Christ wherever he leads trusting that he knows what he’s doing even when it looks like we’re about to drown.

And above all pray. I think it’s time to stop choosing sides, trying to shout one another down. I think it’s time to pray. To pray for God’s will in the candidates’ lives, in the life of our country, and in our own lives.

I’m inviting you to join me in praying–daily and by NAME (#PrayByName)–for Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, and anyone else who shows up on a ballot. God knows why we’re afraid and better yet, he knows there’s no reason for it.

Why are you so afraid? Faith and the presidential election. #PrayByName