Typically I’m one of those people who thinks the book is better than the movie. And sometimes when a favorite book is made into a movie, I’m not even sure I want to see it. How will they have messed it up? What wonderful things will be left out?
And then I watched Masterpiece Theater’s Downton Abbey and wished that it had been based on a novel so I could go read it. Julian Fellowes (Gosford Park) wrote the screenplay and it’s genuis. The characters are sharply drawn, the plotting is impeccable, the conflict is ripe and each episode draws the viewer into the next. It does everything a well-crafted novel should. Plus, you get to SEE the gorgeous clothes and the beautiful house.
There will be a second season this coming January. At last, a reason to look forward to winter!
Q4U- What’s your favorite movie based on a novel? Was it better than the book?