It would be a huge stretch to tie this post to reading, writing or publishing, but it’s just too fantastic not to mention. Apparently, traffic has gotten so horrific in some cities in South America, that they have resorted to . . . are you ready? Mimes.
Drivers in the capital of Venezuela are known to treat stop signs and red lights as mere suggestions. If they miss an exit, they’re likely to simply throw the car in reverse and back up. Motorbikes use the sidewalks as alternate routes. And pedestrians seem oblivious to the fact that they’re taking their lives into their hands.
Enter the mimes. They shake their fingers at pedestrians  ignoring the “no walking” signs. They signal for cars to stop as they speed toward red lights. They escort old ladies across the street. The program has already seen some success in Bogotá, Columbia. Apparently, some motorists are more willing to obey a white-faced guy in neon yellow overalls and white gloves than they are a police officer.
Hmmm. There’s a light not far from my house where drivers consistently ignore the “no turn on red” sign. Maybe what we need is a mime to shake a white-gloved finger at them.