Mom didn’t like this one, but I think the serious look suits us.

I think we all come to that moment when we open our mouths and utter words that we suddenly, unexpectedly recognize as . . . our mother’s. They’re the phrases she used over and over until we really didn’t hear them anymore. Except they’re indelibly imprinted on our brains.

So, in honor of yesterday being Mother’s Day. Here are some of my favorite Mom-isms.

“Life isn’t fair.” Well, I have to confess she was right about that! I think she used this most often in response to me complaining about my brothers or something my friends got to do that I didn’t.

“You’re bored? I’ll give you something to do.” Oh, to be bored again! We had no idea what a privilege it was to be bored.

“Point your toes straight ahead.” This one was handed down from HER mother and was supposed to help me not walk like a duck. You said it all sing-songy in time with your footsteps.

“A you’re adorable, B you’re so beautiful . . .” Dad was the singer in the family, but Mom would sing this song to us all the way through to Z. I still remember the whole thing.

Of course, the best, most memorable thing my mother said to me over and over and OVER was . . . “I love you.” And for that, I’m so very grateful.