I LOVE dogs. I have yet to meet a dog I didn’t like. Even the grouchy, snappish ones.

Of course, I love my very own Thistle the most. And now that she’s 12, I’ve been trying to resign myself to the fact that she’s a “senior” dog with limited years ahead of her.

And then . . . this story rolled across the screen the other evening. World’s oldest dog ever is 30-year-old Bobi in Portugal, Guinness says (usatoday.com)

Well now. That means Thistle could have a good 10-15 years ahead. Maybe more. This is the kind of news I like to hear. Turns out she’s only middle aged by Bobi standards. And Bobi, in dog years is, let’s see . . . over 200 years old.

Bobi’s owner credits his long years to a “calm peaceful environment” and eating “human food.” Finally, I have official support for giving Thistle tidbits from my plate. As for the environment . . . you be the judge.