Today I’m digging into mapping the story of Ella’s best friend. She was named Elspeth, but now she’s Ruth (I loved the name Gennie, but there’s already a character named Ginny). Isn’t “find and replace” just about the best function word processing has come up with EVER?
The idea is to take Ruth’s story and make it more of a distinct subplot. I did what I think many writer’s do with secondary characters–I focused on her a good bit early in the story, but she faded as Ella’s story picked up steam. I tied up Ruth’s loose ends near the end of the book, but she needs a little more attention than I gave her. So that’s the task for this week off work after Christmas.
Of course the funny thing is that a day to focus on my book would normally delight me. BUT today we have 7 inches of snow and more coming down, which means I can’t go anywhere. Even if I wanted to. Which I rarely do the day after Christmas. It’s that difference between being snowed in and choosing to stay in.
I’m choosing to stay in . . . I’m choosing to stay in . . . I’m choosing to stay in!