So if you’re going to be a writer–or a anything else for that matter–it really, really helps to have a support system. Friends and family who will cheer for you, console you, give you good advice and always be on your side.
I’m blessed to have a wonderful support system. There are the friends who have read my manuscript (or parts of it) and given me good advice. There’s the editor who although hired, has been incredibly generous with her time and knowledge. There’s my husband who gives me time and space to write and wrangle and rejoice. And then there’s my family.
Kuddos to my dad for giving me the “big head” by telling me how beautiful and smart and wonderful I am since day one. Kuddos to my mom for being a steady, supportive source of encouragement all my life.
Today, I got a package from my mom containing “Sol Stein on Writing,” and “How to Grow a Novel,” also by Sol Stein. These are two books that any writer should have on their shelf as a reference. I’d been meaning to order them, but hadn’t gotten around to it. That’s what moms are for. They now what you need without your having to tell them.
Thanks support system. Thanks mom. I love you and I wouldn’t be a writer without you.