I have SO many urgent prayer requests around me right now. If you’re someone who prays, will you join me?

  1. A friend’s brother went hiking in TN last Monday and is still missing. He’s been gone a week now. They found his dog but not him. Please pray for Dustin to be found.
  2. A mentor’s husband passed out and had to be taken to the hospital. He’s likely going to have surgery today. I don’t know exactly what’s wrong, but I suspect it’s his heart. Please pray for healing for Stuart.
  3. A dear friend’s adult daughter has terminal cancer. Please pray peace for the whole family.
  4. Another friend who’s chronic illness has left her in a wheelchair is in the hospital with a terrible infection. Please pray Carol can be up and about again soon.
  5. A sweet friend from my first job out of college is battling cancer. Please pray that Julie will continue to find strength for her battle.
  6. My mom’s best friend (and a pretty great friend of mine!) lost a family member this past week. Please pray that Jean and Charlie will be comforted.

And those are just the needs that feel most urgent at the moment. Every moment of every day someone is in crisis.

Father, please make your presence known to those who are struggling, who are suffering, who are afraid and sad and not sure where to turn. You are the great comforter. Please use us to comfort one another. Amen.