Empty plate

We tend to put a little more effort into weekend breakfasts. Pancakes and sausage. Eggs, bacon, and toast (with sliced tomatoes in the summer!). French toast. Gravy.

Often, when I’m on kitchen duty, my husband will prep for me while I walk the dog. He’ll set the table, get out pots and pans, set out ingredients–that sort of thing. And this past Sunday, as I reached for silverware, I saw that I had done it again.

I had completely missed the set table and started to do it myself.

I jumped ahead to what I thought I needed instead of taking stock of what I actually needed. I’d walked all over the kitchen and failed to see what was right there in front of me.

Which got me to thinking about what I else I think I need.

  • Do I need a new pair of gloves to match my winter coat? Or is it just something that caught my eye?
  • Do I need to go to the grocery store? Or should I get creative with what’s in the pantry?
  • Do I need a night out? Or would curling up on the sofa to watch a movie and eat popcorn with my husband be just as satisfying?
  • Do I need a vacation? Or do I just need to say “no” the next time someone asks me to take on another project?

I’m focusing on Philippians 4:8 for Lent. The word I’ve spent time with the past five days has been “true.” I’ve realized what’s true is often pretty simple. And often a lot more obvious than I want to admit.

When I get flustered, overwhelmed, or just so preoccupied I forget to be aware of the many blessings surrounding me, all I have to do is stop and ask myself: In this moment, what is true?

The truth is I’m blessed beyond measure.