As I prepare for a writer’s conference this summer I’ve tried to stop and really think about WHY I want to be published. Let’s see, fame and fortune are pretty unlikely even if I do publish. For every 10 readers who quietly enjoy a book there’s likely at least one very vocal person who hates it. If I’m “successful” I’ll have to work harder and write more. Now why do I want this?!?
Oh yeah. My super power. I believe that everyone is gifted in some special way. Maybe you’re an encourager. Maybe you’re a teacher. Maybe you sing like an angel. Me? I write. I just do. It satisfies something deep inside me. It’s my God-given super power. My job is to decide how to use it. For good or for evil? (And not using it, or intentionally using it poorly is for evil.)
When I write something that rings TRUE I feel almost euphoric. I want to grab people and say, “Listen to this–I think this is right.” And that’s why I want to be published. Oh, there are a lot of words out there and it would be almost impossible for all of them to ring true. But I think I’ve written a few that are worth reading.
So why do I want to be published? Because God gave me a super power and I think writing is my way of using that power for good.
Q4U- What’s your super power? How are you using it?