I’ve been taking a little time off from writing and revising. In part, I’m waiting to get feedback from Jamie and in part I just needed a break. There’s work, the Christmas program at church, our annual Christmas party to plan, traveling for Thanksgiving and so on.
I am starting to feel eager to get back to “A Hunger So Deep,” though. I’ve been thinking about those characters and strangely missing my least favorite one the most. I guess he has the most room for redemption. Soon.
In the meantime, it’s the eatingest holiday of the year. And although it’s a shame that we’re often more focused on food than on being thankful, I think it’s nice to hold onto some of those food traditions that tie us to our histories. So what are your favorite Thanksgiving dishes? The ones that it just doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving without?
Mine are:
Mom’s stuffing–my husband’s family makes cornbread dressing and it’s fine, but I want the kind made with celery and bread cubes. You know, that’s been dangerously baked inside the bird.
Dark meat–no pale breast for me. Give me a thigh every time. And a big pile of stuffing.
Leftovers–specifically, a sandwich made with turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing eaten late on Thanksgiving Day to give me either a tummy ache or crazy dreams. As an adult, I’d also add a dollop of cranberry sauce.
And don’t forget to be thankful that we live in a country were we enjoy such a thing as abundance.