I suspect it was kind of tough on Mom having a Halloween birthday when we were kids. No fancy dinner out. Not much of a celebration at home. Mostly just wrangling kids and costumes and candy.

So for Mom’s birthday today I just want to say THANK YOU for being the kind of awesome mom who sewed princess costumes and got me in and out of the car while wearing angel wings (mine were cardboard, Mom’s were real). Who celebrated YOUR day by letting me eat candy (but not too much) and making cookies with the names of all my classmates in icing.

You’re the best, Mom. I love you on your birthday and EVERY day.

Mother’s Day 2022. Sure do love you.

Laughing it up on Main Street in Buckhannon!

Mom didn’t like this one, but I think the serious look suits us.

Thistle chasing bubbles. Mom’s a good sport about having a four-legged grandchild.

dish washing

That’s Mom on the right doing dishes with Aunt Pat about the time they gave up trick-or-treating themselves!