grads 2017In addition to being an author, I do fundraising for a children’s ministry near Asheville, NC. We serve foster care youth from birth to college graduation. Currently, we’re developing an Apprenticeship Program that will provide hands-on training and work experience for older youth. This is such a critical need when it comes to breaking the cycle of violence and poverty so many children are caught up in.

State Farm is offering an opportunity for 40 non-profits to win a $25,000 grant. We’re one of 200 finalists and need lots and lots and lots of VOTES to climb into the top 40. (As I write this, we’re #135 . . .)

If you want to help us change children’s lives for the better, please click on THIS LINK, share some basic information about yourself, and then vote (up to 10 times EVERY DAY) through August 25.

Thank you!

And if you want to learn more about the ministry, go to www.BlackMountainHome.org.