Water--ripplesAs you may know, each of my novels is loosely based on a Biblical miracle. In Miracle in a Dry Season it’s Christ’s feeding of the 5,000 or the story of the widow with the ever full jar of oil. In Until the Harvest it’s miraculous healing. And in book #3 it was meant to be walking on water.
But I’ve realized something about that particular miracle. While I believe Christ’s miracles were, in large part, meant to show us who he is, they also often served a practical purpose.

  • Water into wine met the need of a wedding host who was running out of supplies.
  • Healing the sick addressed specific, physical needs of scores of people.
  • Raising the dead (which happened several times, not just Lazarus) restored people to those who loved them.
  • Quieting the storm kept the disciples from capsizing and allayed their fear.
  • Even the catch of fish helped the disciples in their livelihood.

But walking on water. I can’t come up with a practical reason for that one. I suppose you could say Jesus needed to catch up with his disciples after staying behind while they set sail, but that doesn’t feel the same.
So I’m throwing it out there. Was there a practical purpose for walking on water?