I’ll confess that the first time I discovered Chimney Corner, it was because I wanted to avoid driving over the New River Gorge Bridge. I tell ya, I was fine with that bridge until I went to the overlook and stood BELOW the bridge and yet ABOVE the river far, far below. I watched a few tractor trailer’s drive across that expanse looking like Matchbox toys and the heebie jeebies set in.

I’m mostly over that now, but I still like to take the detour through Chimney Corner. Mostly so I can walk the loop at Hawks Nest overlook and stop at the Chimney Corner Country Store to buy a jar of peach preserves and just poke around a little. The store and the Chimney Corner Cafe across the way are the sum total of what you’ll find at this sharp bend in the road. (Underline SHARP.) But they’re well worth the side trip.

The store makes an appearance in my upcoming novel–The Finder of Forgotten Things. Sulley Harris stops off there in 1932. And he absolutely could have since the store was built in 1928. I LOVE the old logs, wide porch, creaky floors, artifacts on display, and the eclectic mix of crafts, candles, foodstuff, kitsch, and even books you’ll find inside. I’ve purchased several research books there!

I’d love to hold a book-signing at the store one of these days, although with my book releasing in December, it’ll have to wait. The store is seasonal and the twisty road you take to get there isn’t for the faint of heart even when the weather’s great!

Check them out today for pictures and maybe some online shopping. And maybe, one of these days, I’ll see you there!