Horace & SusanHow cool is this?!?

A photograph of my great, great, great grandparents Horace and Susan Phillips. The little tyke in the middle is my great, great grandfather David Phillips. That would be Grandma Jane’s dad. I knew my great-grandmother and was a teensy bit afraid of her with her stoicism and perfect braids coiled around her head.

Grandmas and me

That’s my great-grandmother with the lovely braids and me on my grandmother’s lap.

I sometimes wish I could go back in time and pay more attention to what Grandma had to say. Maybe ask her some really good questions about her life and her family.

But I can’t. So I listen to my dad, think back to what the old folks used to say. Ask for the same stories over and over again . . . and make things up.

My Appalachian Blessings series doesn’t feature any characters based on actual family members. But I did use the Phillips family name. And here they are. The REAL deal.

How about you–what do you think the story is behind Susan Phillips electric eyes and Horace’s solemn expression? I’m betting it’s good, whatever it is.