Olivia in snow

When the snow’s too deep–READ!

In case you didn’t hear, a week or so ago the east coast was covered up in snow. Which is bad for driving around, but great for reading a book under a blanket.

My brother lives on the family farm in West Virginia and had my five-year-old niece to entertain over the snowy weekend. Playing in the snow would normally be a great option, but when you have almost two feet of the stuff it’s hard to actually DO anything in it.

So they read. For me, reading with a child conjures images of lap sitting and looking at pictures and lots of different voices.

Not for me niece. Nope. She’s at the “I can do it” stage of life.

So while my brother kicked back with his book, she proceeded to pull novels down from the shelves and “read” each one. It took about five minutes for her to finish a book. She’d put that one back and get another.

Eventually, my brother noticed she’d pulled down one of my books. He watched as she flipped through the pages, finally turning to the back cover with my picture.

“This is Aunt Sarah’s book,” she announced.

My brother confirmed that it was.

“Aunt Sarah writes good books.”

I’m going to check with my publisher to see if we can put that on the cover of the next one. Maybe with a photo of my niece and I. Because, really, I can’t think of an endorsement I’d like better.