A double helping of little miracles. One of whom wants DOWN.

I mentioned on Monday that my brother and his family spent last weekend with us. That would be a total of four adults, one teenager, and two toddlers under the age of three. Let me say, five big people to two little people is not an unreasonable ratio. I think they could take us if they tried. Oh, and one dog who was mostly on the little people end of things.
I LOVED spending time with my family. They live in WV so extended visits are less frequent than I would like. But as much as I enjoyed the visit, I do have a bit more perspective than I did last week.
I have a demanding, sometimes stressful job. I fit my writing in on evenings and weekends. Sometimes I get frustrated because life gets in the way and I fall behind on my self-imposed writing schedule. I might have even envied some of the writer-moms I know who are, after all, staying at home where they don’t have to deal with supervisors, clients, co-workers, staff, donors, overtime, weekend work, etc. the way I do.
I just have one thing to say. I take it back.
One weekend with two toddlers and I was flat out. I’ve now been through multiple meals, bath times, bedtimes, shopping, visiting the Nature Center, playing in the yard, dancing, nap time, time to get dressed, and so on.
It’s non-stop and it’s exhausting. Honestly, it doesn’t seem like hot dogs, chicken nuggets, bananas, and juice could fuel that kind of energy. They must be sneaking those little energy shots when we’re not looking. Except we’re always looking because if we look away one of them is on top of the refrigerator and the other is pulling everything out of the kitchen cabinets.
This past weekend was wonderful and I look forward to doing it again–eventually. In the meantime, though, I want moms (and dads!) everywhere to know you have my deepest admiration. All of you who are raising children? You are amazing. As for all of you who are raising children while holding down a job, writing books, cleaning your house, helping at church, and doing all the other things you do?
You are nothing short of a miracle.