A beagle demonstrates how to use Magic Mesh.

I get a kick out of “As-Seen-On-TV” products. Do we really need a pan that bakes pre-cut brownies? Or a tool to crack eggs? I’ve never really struggled with either task. But every now and then I think, hey, that’s a good idea.
I’d seen the Magic Mesh door screen over and over. It’s a sort of fabric screen that hangs over your door (via velcro) with a split down the middle fastened by magnets. The idea is that people walk through, pushing the magnets apart, and then the screen drops back into place, magnets snapping together. Hmmm. Would it really work?
Well, for $13.50 at Rite Aid, I decided to see if it would. And it does! It works beautifully! We can now leave the front door open to the summer breeze without TOO many bugs getting through. And, of course, this allows Thistle the freedom to come and go as her little, doggie-heart desires. Sort of.
Thistle is not a fan of new things. A throw fell off the back of a chair and she eyed it for a long time, then slowly crept up on it before finally getting brave enough to determine it was . . . a throw. So she hasn’t exactly embraced the Magic Mesh. If at all possible, she prefers for me to come push the screen aside so she can come and go.
She can go through it on her own. When the neighborhood kids approach the fence she zips on out. When particularly delectable food is offered, she zips on in. But I can tell she still isn’t sure about this thing. And she’d rather I were there to hold her hand . . . paw.
Caution is a good thing. It can save a lot of trouble. But continuing to fret over something that’s been fully explored is just a waste of time and energy. Once God has shown you the path, just push on through to the other side.
Acts 2:27 – You have made known to me the paths of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence.