I love the cello. I love it so much I took lessons for two years while in my 30s (old dog, new tricks!). While I did learn enough to play a simple (VERY simple) song at a friend’s wedding, I realized two things. 1) If I wanted to play tolerably well, I would have to practice. A lot. And that’s just to play so that my audience could recognize the music. 2) I didn’t have a natural talent. Persistence could take me a long way, but Yo-Yo Ma, I would never be.
So, having proved to myself that it was possible for me to play the cello, I gave it up and focused on my job and my writing. More than enough to keep me busy! But every now and again, I hear a piece of music and I wish . . .
Carol of the Bells
For more, check out thepianoguys.com — though it’s the cello guy whose music rocks my boat.