I love the annual report WordPress sends for my blog at the end of each year. And what was my most popular post for 2014? Something to do with the release of my first novel and the e-novella that preceded it? Nope.
It was a post about my nephew asking me if I’d ever stepped in dog poop. Now that’s a hoot! Here are the rest of the top 5:

All in all, 2014 was a wonderful year and the topics you liked best are some of the ones I liked best, which works out most satisfactorily. Of course, my top post EVER continues to be. Let’s Talk About Sex . . . In Christian Fiction written back in 2011 when I finished one of Laura Frantz’s novels and was impressed by her handling of married sex. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised . . .
Thanks for coming along for the ride and feel free to click below if you’d like to see some additional stats.

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