Have you watched The Chosen yet? No? Well what are you waiting for?!?

I’ll admit I didn’t jump on The Chosen bandwagon right away. While I’ve seen a handful of really great Christian movies/programs, I’ve also seen quite a few that were so-so. But friends kept raving about this new series by Dallas Jenkins (son of Jerry B. Jenkins) and we’d just finished Longmire so I figured it was time to give it a go. Plus, you know, it’s FREE with The Chosen app.

Episode one was pretty good. Episode two was better. Episode three (the one with Jesus just interacting with children) was good but I know this story and I was eager to get to the good stuff. Episode 4 delivered. The catch of fish. It’s that little look Jesus gives Simon Peter just before his nets nearly break from all the fish . . .

From then on, we were utterly hooked. Each night we looked forward to finishing supper and settling in for the next episode. And the stories I’ve been knowing for so long leapt from scripture straight into my heart. This series makes the stories of the Bible so REAL. And the characters populating those stories so . . . relatable.

There’s squabbling and quarreling. There’s joy and tears. There’s LIFE and LOVE.

But I think my favorite part is how the actor playing Jesus portrays such holy humanity. Plus, he’s funny. 

And I think Jesus must have had a great sense of humor. In one episode a man confesses to waylaying a traveler–attacking and robbing him then leaving him for dead. Jesus, of course, loves the man anyway and forgives him. Then, as he’s preparing to leave with his disciples he comments on how late it is and how you never know who might be waiting along the road in the dark. There’s a moment of awkward silence then he says, “Too soon?” And the group dissolves in laughter. Yes, Jesus would have impeccable comedic timing.

If you’re a believer, watch The Chosen and you’re faith will be bolstered. If you’re not a believer, watch The Chosen and see if it doesn’t tempt you to give this Jesus guy a chance.

I dare you.