When I was in high school and college, I was an avid letter writer. I had legit pen pals abroad as well as letters flying up and down the east coast to my cousin, quite a few young men, girlfriends, and even an Irish musician I saw perform on Mountain Stage one weekend in West Virginia.

Recently I was going through my cedar chest (thanks Mom!) and found stacks of the letters I received in response. What a walk down memory lane! A highlight among them were three cards from Luka Bloom–that musical Irishman. And I wondered . . . where is he now? Turns out he’s still in Ireland and still performing. So I took a photo of his notes and shot it out into the ether via email with thanks for encouraging a young writer once upon a time . . .

Here’s a snippet from his answer:

Dear Sarah,
A ‘cedar chest’…..Now that is high class hoarding!!!
Well done.
And how cool that you uncovered my greeting cards.
Seeing them evokes very fond memories of a different age; when people bought cards, wrote on them, stamped them and posted them.
I still do…
I see that the stamp says Raleigh.
I would have been on tour, in 1990. Living in Greenwich Village.
Always carried cards, to post home, or to wherever…….Even French Creek!!
I really appreciate your email; everything about it has lifted me.
Thank you, and blessings to you and yours in beautiful West Virginia,
What fun is that?? Makes me want to pull out some nice stationary and write someone a letter . . .
And hopefully it makes you want to check out LUKA BLOOM. His music now officially makes me homesick for being 18 years old with a sheet of paper, a pen, and great big dreams.