Each Advent season my church puts together a book of daily devotions written by members. I LOVE it!! Our pastor assigns scripture to volunteers and they then share their thoughts about the verses. It’s such a beautiful, personal gift and look forward to reading advent insights from my church family each morning.

And, of course, I look forward to writing my two entries each year! I’ve gotten into the habit of including at least one poem and a friend asked me how I come up with those. As I explained, she kept saying, “I guess that’s why you’re a writer.”

Which made me feel pretty good.

Of course, she has an incredible gift for music–something I do NOT possess. Which got me thinking about how we all have unique gifts. And how, I suspect, many of us wish we were good at something we’re . . . not.

I would LOVE to be good at music. To be able to sing and play instruments. To delight people with song. But would I be willing to trade? Would I be willing to give up my ability to write–to communicate through story–if it meant I could sing and play?

It didn’t take me long to come up with an answer. Nope.

I think that might be a big part of recognizing our natural gifts. They’re the things we don’t really think about being good at. The things we do because they’re just part of who we are. And if we didn’t do them–we wouldn’t be so much ourselves anymore.

Music. Writing. Hospitality. Generosity. Inspiring Others. Athletics. Organization. Leadership. There are as many gifts as there are people.

So how about you–would you be willing to trade something you’re naturally good at for something you WISH you were good at? Tell me!