Going Hunting

My father and brother–some solid hero material here!

One of the great pleasures of writing books is inventing heroes. Instead of swooning over other writer’s leading men, I get to build my own.

The hero of The Sound of Rain releasing in just over a month, is Judd Markley. I was thinking the other day about just how much I like Judd. I might even go so far as to say he’s my favorite. Which led me down the rabbit trail of pondering which of my heroes I would actually want to fall in love with.

I realized, it wouldn’t be Judd. Here’s my hero lineup to this point–which one would you choose? Which one do you think I would?

  • Robert Thornton – Appalachian Serenade – Robert is a more mature store owner who is clever about most things, but not very smooth when it comes to the ladies. He’s a bear of a man with dark hair.
  • Casewell Phillips – Miracle in a Dry Season – Tall, redheaded with a beard in the beginning of the story (he shaves it midway). Casewell is a bit self-righteous, but once he decides to woo a woman, he comes at it with a definite plan of action. He’s a woodworker by trade.
  • Henry Phillips – Until the Harvest. Oh Henry. He looks like a young Gregory Peck–a bit gangly but with promise. Initially he’s too wrapped up in his own problems to be any good to a woman, but he does get his act together. He’s a musician and farmer.
  • Seth Markley – Brown hair, solid build, steady. Seth is level-headed and true–he works for the extension service (state farm management). He’s sweet and has a romantic streak, but won’t put up with any nonsense.
  • Judd Markley – Tall, wiry, dark hair that tends to curl. He’s a man of few words, but once he makes his mind up to something, he’s committed 100%. Had a bit of a reputation for never settling on one lady in his younger days.