I knew the day would come. I just didn’t think it would happen this soon. I am now, officially, peppering my conversation with references to how it was when I was a kid. Here are some of my more common, I-remember-whens:

  • Gas was less than $1. Bought it at Village Hardware in French Creek for 95 cents. Had to scrape together ten bucks to do it.
  • Everyone got spanked. Or switched. And it didn’t seem to damage us emotionally in the long run.
  • We ate meat that had been defrosting on the counter all day. Though we did throw it out when the cat got into it that one time.
  • There were winners and losers. Not everyone got a gold star.
  • We didn’t have a computer or cell phones or e-mail and there were only three channels on TV (four if the wind was right).
  • You didn’t know who was calling until you answered the phone. Or not. It was okay to ignore the ringing during dinner and no, there wasn’t an answering machine. They’d call back if it was important.
  • Kids sat through the ENTIRE church service. No children’s church. No playground. Just “the look” if you got too rowdy.
  • We didn’t have video games, but we did have a barn and woods and fields and climbing trees and that old American chestnut stump that was big enough to play house in.child dangling from branch

Now, I’m not saying it was better. I’m saying it was different. And . . . I miss it.
So what do you miss that’s been lost to your childhood, lo these many years ago?